Kenya Madagascar Expedition 2011


Today we started interviewing villagers again.  The first person we interviewed was a guy named Vincent.  He was preparing a bed for rice seeds.  He began to explain the problems he and others citizens are facing.  There are three major problems; they have been having water, fertilizer, and food shortage.  Water is a problem because the canal is broken.  The canal is 7 kilometer, so its productivity is down.  People are fighting over access to water.  Instead of helping out and working together, families tend to fend for themselves.  The second problem is fertilizer.  Not everyone has zebu to help fertilize the field.  The reason this is because recently people have been stealing them.  So it’s very hard trying to get work done without them.  The last problem is food shortage.  People in the village tend to have more children then they can feed.  The village people don’t see that as a problem, but if you think about it, it really is a big issue.  Something that interests me was Dr.  Chap’s push to get a girl name Tsara in school.  He believes girls go farther with a good education.  This interest me because most people really wouldn’t care if you want to go to college or not.  The determination he has in getting Tsara in school is amazing.   Seeing this has motivated me to want all girls to go to college.  Overall today, I was motivated and understood issues that village people are having.  I can truly say I am learning a lot!