Kenya & Madagascar Expedition 2011


Today, we went into town and visited the market.   The market is unlike the markets back home in Chicago.   They sell lots of fresh produce, meats, and even things that would seem unlikely to be there.   The market sells a wide variety of different beans, rice, salts, sugars, flour, and more.   People from different villages, far and near, travel to Camp Robin every Tuesday of the week, and only buy enough food to last until the next visit.   We only walked 4 kilometers, to and from, but just imagine how far others have to walk.   The market is usually crowded, but people find ways to get around.   People who come to sell are majority local farmers who are making a living off of their crops, live-stock, and more.   But, whenever you are in the market, there is always someone selling at a lower price than you are.   So people tend to go towards buying from that person.    

The market is kept within this small area where people come and set up early to sell.   In the front, sellers were mostly selling meats, fruits, and vegetables.   Then off to the sides of the market, there were different types of colored wool, cloths, blankets, and clothes.   There were also a few in the middle.   Then, all the way in the back, people were selling live cattle, pigs, ducks, and chickens.   While walking up to a patch there was a person selling his pigs.   I noticed a potential buyer checking the inside of a pig’s mouth.   Then I learned that they check the inside of the mouth to make sure it is not sick or has been bitten by liver flukes.   But there were also people selling cell phones, charging booths, yarn (colored and white), baskets, purses, soaps (the “expensive” one), and much, much, more.   

Overall, the market was a little bit different to experience, but seeing new things was great experience for me.