Kenya Madagascar Expedition 2011


Today we went to Andambohifaly a village in Ambalamanana.  We went to figure out the five problems of that village and found something surprising…all of the men were working together to repair a canal for the water .We found it surprising because we were told in Ambohimainty that no one works together they do things independently.  Building the canal is important because water is the main problem along with fertilizer, theft, rats, and food shortage.  As you can see water, fertilizer, and food shortage is a big issue.  It was just surprising to see all the men of this village, fix a problem that will benefit all of them.

On the way up to this village we ran into Voahangy’s uncle.  Her uncle is building a tomb for his family.  What I found interesting about it was that it was built like a house.  There were there different spaces for where people would want to get buried.  This tomb was different from the others we had seen.  All the other tombs had 1 space for everyone to go.  What’s interesting about the tombs is that they are to accommodate of the family members in the afterlife.  In America we are buried in cemeteries and put next to each other, but they are buried with each other.  Life here seems simple, but at the same time advanced.  Being here listening, observing, and living the life of a village person really helps me see things in a different light.