Kenya & Madagascar Expedition 2011

 Today I didn’t go out with the rest of the group.   I stayed in and rested.   I didn’t go because I had suffered dehydration from the long walk to and from the market.   It all started the day before yesterday when coming back from visiting a village.   I had started to feel overwhelmed, stomach aches, and constant headaches.   So for the rest of the day, I just stayed in and rest.   I was feeling better, so I thought I was okay.   

So on the day we went to the market, I felt fine but didn’t have much of an appetite.   I didn’t have much of an appetite and thus went without lunch.   I basically felt fine until today, when I woke up and felt horrible.   My head was throbbing, stomach was painfully aching, I felt light headed, and I felt like I was about to vomit.   I could barely walk I felt so weak.    I wanted to go out, but I just couldn’t bare it.   My body was so overcome with pain that I started to cry because I wished my mom was there to comfort me, make sure I was okay at that moment, and was there to call on.   But after a few hours of rest, I started to feel better.   I still had a headache and my body was still sore, but I rather deal with that, rather than how I was feeling earlier.

Now my body is finally returning to normal and my stomach still aches, but I think that’s the malaria pills.   Overall, I know I never want to feel that way ever again because it was miserable.