Kenya Madagascar Expedition 2011


Today we went to the school house to give away pens and pencils.  Before we did that we talked to the mkids about being successful.  They all were inspired to be like Dr.  Voahangy Soarimalala a professor of biology at the University of Fianarantsoa.   It lightened  my heart to see the children smiling.  It feels really good to do good for kids.  It was my first time doing a nice thing for children who are underprivileged, and it made me feel really inspired about myself and I want to do more work like that.  What really inspired me was how many kids raised their hands to be a teacher, or a policeman.  The very first class we went to this one little boy raised his hands because he wanted to be the President of Madagascar.  Most children in the U.S this little boy’s age would want to be a basketball player, a rapper, or something silly.  He is actually thinking outside of the box, actually outside of his age.  This little boy from this small village wants to be something big, he’s dreaming big and that’s what I like to see.  I personally like to talk to 4 and 5 year olds because they began to grow up thinking and knowing they can become something big in life.  If you install something in kids 9 or 10 some listen and others don’t.  That’s why today I felt really good knowing that I was in the company of someone who inspired them.  I really have a whole new perspective of life after today.  I know this inspiration will continue to be part of my experience throughout my life.