Kenya Madagascar Expedition 2011


Today we visited the village of the blacksmith.    In his village there are 10 houses, 19 beehives, and 3 valas (corrals).    When got there the blacksmith was working on a big agundy for mining for was interesting how he was shaping the metal.    He would put the metal in the hot charcoal and allow them to get the metal hot so it can be easier to hammer into shape.    It was interesting how they got the charcoal hot.    Two people were pumping the bellows to get the fire hot.    The faster you pump the bellows the hotter the fire gets.    This village isn’t only known for the blacksmith, but it’s a very wealthy village.    They have a lot of fruit trees.    1 out of every 10th tree was a fruit tree.    The houses here, as in every village, are built in the same style.    They have spaces on the first floor for the zebus and chickens.    During the day he cows go in valas.    What’s interesting about the valas are, they are made out of stone so they are long lasting.    The houses aren’t even made of stone.    Their cows are really important to them.    Also in this village, it’s really hard to steal anything from them.    There are several reasons why it’s hard to steal from them.    The first is the location makes it hard.    The second reason is where the valas are located.    They are located close to the houses so you can hear if anyone is trying to steal them.    Out of all the villages I have visited so far, this is the most secure.    It’s amazing how this small village has everything, wealth, security and happiness.