Kenya & Madagascar Expedition 2011


Today my blog post might look a little different than normal because today I’m writing a letter to my Da-Da.   Dr.  Kusimba told us to write a letter to an influential man in our lives, and I chose him.   

                Dear Da-Da,

I’m writing this letter to you just to let you know how much you mean to me and how you are a one in a million dad.   Not many fathers in today’s society own up to being a father yet claim other children that are not biologically theirs, but you…You accepted me with open arms before your own child was born.   I remember when I was about to start 1st grade, and at registration mama introduced me to Vincent, telling me that “this is your dad”.   I felt so confused, but I knew that he could not have been my dad because you were my dad and that’s how I wanted it to be.   I remember coming home and crying because mama sat me down and explained the situation to me, but after learning the truth, I asked her what should I call you, and she told me that I had the freedom to call you whatever  I wanted to, and I knew it would always be Da-Da.   I remember you taking me and Courtney to Chuck E. Cheese almost every weekend, sitting in the high-chair vomiting pork beans because you forgot that mama had told you that I didn’t like them, playing with Bridget, spending the nights at your house to be with you, Kyra, and Rel-Rel, driving around in the blue Cadillac, going to go see grandma, and she always giving me and Courtney money before we left, playing with the dogs, picking me up from work and taking me to McDonald’s, just always there for whatever or whenever  Courtney and I called you.   Oh! And I remember my mama telling me that you had got mad because I had called you Ray instead of Da-Da one time.   Mama said you were so mad, and told her to never let me call you that again because you were my Da-Da.   See, memories like this I cherish because I will never get to share or value things like this with anyone else but you because you were my father from the start and that’s how it will always be.   Thinking about you brings a smile to my face because whenever things go wrong you make it a laughing matter, but always make sure me and Courtney understand it’s serious and needs to be change.   Even though you might not say “I Love You” all the time, you make sure we know because you would drop everything your doing or find a way to be there.   I am very grateful to have you in my life, as well share it with Courtney because even though I’m  not genetically connected to you , we still share a bond that only you and me know, and even we don’t talk, we always share laughter.   Sometimes you do forget, but you always find a way to make it up.    

I wish you were here to enjoy this experience with me and see the things I see.   Here, men don’t see a number on children, they just see it as themselves creating and providing for their families one way or another.   The men will work all day and all night to make sure their wife and kids have enough to eat, clothes on their backs, and an understanding of what family is.   When looking at the men here remind me so much of you because you would go through hell for us.   

Even though I might not say I love you, I want you to know that no matter what happens, I will always love you, you are my father forever, and I will always cherish you, our bond, and or memories.

                Forever Your Daughter,