Kenya Madagascar Expedition 2011


Today July 15, 2011 we visited went into town to visit Chap’s cousin farm. His cousin has an American house in Kenya! Its 100 acres of coffee beans, cows, his house and multiple other things! His land was absolutely beautiful.  Chap’s cousin is the vice president of Harris Bank. In his house has an American kitchen with a stove and refrigerator. He has about 6 bedrooms. All of the bedrooms are big and has bed in it.

 After that we went into town to grab lunch. It was just like downtown Chicago, a lot of different places to go eat cars and buses continue to move around and sometimes they can get traffic. I thought it was absolutely beautiful and different in its own way. We went into their grocery store; it’s not much different from ours.

I tried apricots. They are these very small round thing, just a little bit bigger then grapes and are very sweet and sour! It was my very first time trying, and I really like them.

I experienced a lot of new things today and was really excited to learn about them.