Kenya & Madagascar Expedition 2011


Today we went to the Kenya Wildlife National Park in Nakuru, Kenya. We visited to observe the animals there. In Kenya, it’s winter right now and not as many animals were out because they have migrated.  The animals are highly social in the morning. We woke up and left around 6-6:30 in the morning.

When we got there, the first animals to welcome us was a family of monkeys.  They are small with gray bodies, black, pushed in faces, with white fur around their faces. Then, as we drove on, we met a small group of baboons and gazelles. The gazelles were absolutely beautiful in the sunrise because their bright, brown fur coats just lit up in morning sun. Moving along, we saw lots and lots of zebra’s, but past the pack of zebra’s, I noticed a rhino hidden in the pastures of grass. Dr. Kusimba said that whenever people come to the park they would always try to spot a rhino, but it’s very rare to come across because they are hard to find. Then, we saw buffalos, pelicans, marabou stalks, and flamingos. All the animals were beautiful and at peace, no interference. I just wished I could’ve seen more, but you can’t help what you’re not in charge of. 

Overall, the park was amazing and I hope to go back someday.