Kenya & Madagascar Expedition 2011


Today we visited Dr. Kusimba’s farm in western Kenya.  His family owns 100 acres of land, and let me just say, it’s GEORGEOUS! 20 acres of it is nothing but tress, which is when cut, they will sell for $250 US dollars each. This land is given to landless people who grow the crops they need.  With these crops they will chose to do as they will, which means either selling or consuming for themselves.  Also, by giving them land, he gives them money to build houses there, and that will make them his workers who overlook their crops as well as others. Dr. Kusimba explained to us that by allowing other people who needs the land more, he enables them to help themselves and in return builds great relationships with his less fortunate neighbors.

While at the farm, we got to see how the workers work.  When done looking around, we sat down to eat dinner, a farm meal. We had beef stew with white rice, and drunk water. I also got to try freshly picked dill.  It tasted bitter at first, but I got used to it and liked it.  Before leaving we visited the goats shed. He owns 300 goats, some cattle, and some chickens. He told us people determine how rich you are based on the amount of land you own, and how many cattle, goat, and chickens you own. 

In the end, Dr. Kusimba farmstead is beautiful land with an amazing view.