Kenya & Madagascar Expedition 2011


Today we went into town and visited Dr. Kusimba’s cousin’s farm.  His cousin works for Harris in Chicago.  His cousin had live in America for 30 years but has recently decided to move back to Kenya to live here. His house is not your typical Kenyan house.  It’s basically an all American house compared to how people from here build their houses. He also owns a lot of land that consist of plenty of pastures for the cow, corn, and lots of coffee trees. With the profit he makes from selling the crop of coffee, he will then use that money to pay off his new house.

While there, we learned about the process of how to know when a coffee bean is ripe. The coffee starts off bright green, and when is a bright red it’s ripe enough to pick. The bean has to skins. You will peel away the red skin, and then you will peel a white skin which reveals the coffee bean. After that you will let the beans dry in the sun, and then you grind them, and off to selling the coffee. Also we got to see how you find beans. The beans grow from under the ground, and you have to pull up the root. To get the beans out, you have to continuously beat them to let them fall. Now you have fresh beans.

In sum, his farm is nice and from seeing it, I learned in order to have a good life, you have to figure out what will help you in the long run and invest your efforts in accomplishing that goal.