Learning with Bridget

When you think of learning at The Field Museum, you think of dinosaurs, ancient cultures, and maybe plants and animals, but one member took learning a step further to teach her daughter important lessons about money and supporting what you love.

Bridget is a six year old and already has a long-standing interest in The Field Museum and SUE the dinosaur.  You can read about her first visit, where she asked the very insightful question, “I thought T. Rexes only had three toes.  What’s that back thing for?”  Do you know the answer?  This six-year-old does!  Luckily, her family has a membership, so she and her parents can visit our dinosaurs in the museum whenever she wants.

Along with info about dinosaur feet, Bridget learned the valuable lesson of saving and managing money during her last visit to the museum.  During a previous visit, Bridget decided she wanted to Adopt a T.rex from The Field Museum.  Instead of giving it to her, her mother made a deal with her that if Bridget saved her money and paid for half, she would pay for the other half.  Bridget saved up and adopted her t.rex in the museum last week!  Since she was in the museum, Bridget’s new t.rex got to meet SUE and take a picture.

From seeing the photos of Bridget and talking to her mother, I can see that Bridget is also learning a lesson that you as members know.  From saving her money to adopt a t.rex to watching her parents show their support through a membership, she is learning to support something that is important to her.  At six years old, she knows the value of asking questions and knows that museums are a place that hold the information needed to discover the answers.

We want to thank Bridget for her support of The Field Museum and we can’t wait to see her future adventures at The Field Museum. 

Adopt a T.rex or Become a Member to continue asking questions and learning with Bridget.