Meet the Creators

Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World's Fair was created entirely by The Field Museum!  Meet two members of the exhibition team who are excited to share their knowledge of the 1893 World's Fair with you!


Paola Bucciol is the Exhibition Project Manager for Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World's Fair. Paola joined The Field's Exhibitions department in September 2008 and worked as Exhibition Developer on several exhibitions. As Project Manager, she works with the exhibition's team and colleagues throughout the Museum to create and bring to the public this unique exhibition. With a background in archeology and history, she loved to learn more about the Great Fair, the Field's collections, and Chicago's history--all in one project!


Isabelle Heyward is the Exhibition Developer for Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair. Before joining The Field’s Exhibitions department in October 2012, Isabelle worked for museums in Philadelphia and San Diego (hosts to world’s fairs in 1876 and 1915, respectively). Since starting on World’s Fair, she has scoured the Museum’s earliest collections, researched and wrote exhibition text, and joined the masses that speak fervently about the Great Fair.