Published: February 22, 2017

Sights and Sounds of a Gallery


What goes into creating multimedia pieces for a museum gallery? In our exhibition, Drawing on Tradition: Kanza Artist Chris Pappan, the Museum collaborated with Chris Pappan, Adam Sings In The Timber, Debra Yepa-Pappan and Santiago X to create the immersive experience that brings the exhibition to life. Chris shared the following about putting together the audio and video for the show:

"For my part of the process: when we (the curators) were discussing multimedia elements for the exhibit, I wanted to keep with the idea of 'working over (or on top of) historical artifacts.' There's a well-known old photograph of an Indigenous man recording his language into an old phonograph onto a wax cylinder. I thought it would be great to have audio of the wax cylinder recordings mixed in with contemporary music. I also wanted to collaborate with artists from the community here in Chicago, and knowing Lawrence (Santiago X) is a great musician, I approached him. The result you hear is comprised of his original music blended with audio from wax cylinders that were pulled from the Library of Congress archives. With Lawrence's knowledge and agility with music software and technology, he was able to bring my (audio) vision to life, and I feel it is one of the most memorable parts in the exhibition."

This video was displayed in our exhibition, Drawing on Tradition: Kanza Artist Chris Pappan. 

Learn more about the collaborators:

Sampled footage of 1894 Thomas Edison Buffalo Dance film featuring Strong Talker, Pine, Last Horse, Parts His Hair, and Hair Coat. Sampled audio from 1983 pow wow in Macy, Nebraska.