Thanksgiving at The Field Museum

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, I took my sister and nephew through the Evolving Planet exhibit.  We then took a few minutes at the McDonald’s Fossil Prep Lab to watch discovery unfold as Akiko Shinya patiently and brilliantly extracted a juvenile dinosaur from Antarctic rock brought to The Field by Pete Makovicky and his colleagues, which was amazing. (The videos from that Antarctica expedition are well worth watching.) Knowing that the new specimen Akiko is working on will be shared with the world soon is genuinely exciting. You can meet Akiko in this episode of The Field Revealed.

One might expect a 16 year-old like my nephew to be jaded and reluctant to show enthusiasm for, well, anything suggested by an uncle. Not John, not in Evolving Planet!  He was as enchanted by the wonders of this exhibit as any of us. John is well past the typical childhood fascination with dinosaurs, but I was impressed by his engagement with the details of the graphics and with the Charles Knight paintings

The Thanksgiving holiday is a busy one at The Field Museum.  The exhibits were alive with families and children when we visited.  Watching the excitement and fascination of these Museum patrons is moving for me. I remember the joy of being in the Museum with relatives as a child, and I would be interested to hear your memories of recent or long-past holiday visits to The Field. Please post them them in the comments.