Visitors from all continents in the Botany Department

This years has been a truly international year for the Botany Department - the lichen research group, led by Associate Curator and Botany Chair Thorsten Lumbsch and Collections Manager and Adjunct Curator Robert Luecking, alone had visitors from all continents (except Antarctica) visiting the museum to work with their research group. The most recent visitor is Kawinnat (Nhong) Buarang from Ramkamhaeng University in Bangkok (Thailand, see photo). The round dance of visitors started with graduate student Gothamie Weerakon from Sri Lanka. Between her and Nhong, visitors to the lichen group included Gothamie's supervisor Prof. Chandrani Wijeyaratne (Sri Lanka), Glenys Hayward (New Zealand), Master students Paul Kirika (Kenya) and Agnes Peter (Tanzania), graduate students Raquel Pino Bodas (Spain), Jesus Hernandez (Venezuela), Manuela dal Forno (USA), Bibiana Moncada (Colombia), Prof. Thomas nash (USA), and graduate student Vinayaka (India).