We want to know what you want to know

As we begin to work on our new permanent exhibition on China (slated to open in May, 2015), our curators--Gary and Deborah--and our developers--Sarah and Libby--have a lot they'd like to tell you about the things in the show.
Like this Ming vase! It's real, not a replica made to be shattered in a sitcom. We've got a lot to say about it, but what do you actually want to know about it? Take a look at Libby's message, below:


"This Ming vase may be displayed in our new permanent China Hall, opening May 2015. Anything you’d like to know about it? Submit your questions in the comments here. We’ll pick a few of your questions and on April 18-19 we'll provide answers at Members' Night (where you can also see the vase in person), as well post the answers in a follow-up blog post here. We can’t answer every question, but they’ll help us get an idea of the kinds of things you’d like to know about objects displayed in the Hall. If you guys like this, we may try it with other objects in the future to help create the exhibition labels."

So, what would you like to know?