Bulgarian Days in Chicago Festival

For the 15th consecutive year the Festival  Bulgarian Days in Chicago, organized by the Bulgarian-American Association, was held in Chicago on October 2nd, 2011. The new General Consul of Bulgaria in Chicago, Simeon Stoilov, guests from the Agency for Bulgarians Abroad, and many other representatives of the Bulgarian culture and businesses in the U.S. were introduced at the Bulgarian Days is Chicago. A special guest of the Festival was Todor Petev, the Administrative Director of the American Research Center in Sofia(U.S. Office),who arrived from New York  especially for the Event.

Mr. Petev introduced to the Bulgarian community in Chicago the mission and achievements of the American Research Center in Sofia (ARCS). He discussed the Archaeological Program of ARCS and The Anthropology Department of The Field Museum, sponsored by the America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF). In particular he presented the role of the ARCS in this collaboration.

 His presentation was followed by the speech of Dilyana Ivanova, administrative  assistant of the Bulgarian archaeological program at the Field Museum in Chicago, who introduced to the Bulgarian audience a detailed accounting of the past and currently funded archaeological project in Bulgaria by the America for Bulgaria Foundation thought the Archaeological Program, developed by The Field Museum and the Center in Sofia. Mrs. Ivanova communicated the history and the results of the collaborative grant administrative program. So far, the program has sponsored ten archaeological and museum proposals in Bulgaria. Dilyana Ivanova included examples of the 2010-funded projects through the Regional Historical Museum – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria (Archaeological Reserve Nicopolis as Istrum Project) and the History Museum – Sredets (Archaeological Reserve Deultum-Debelt Project), as well as the 2011-funded projects through the Regional Historical Museum – Ruse (Medieval Town of Cherven Project) and the Museum of History Iskra in Kazanlak (Antiquity Storage Facility Project).


Todor Petev and Dilyana Ivanova  introduced another Bulgarian, the first ABF Postdoctoral Fellow at the Anthropology Department of The Field Museum who also attended the Festival.  Dr. Tsenka Tsanova arrived in Chicago on September 22, 2011. She started her ABF Fellowship at The Field Museum on September 26, 2011. She came from the Department of Human Evolution at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. She has worked for the past three years. Her current project is entitled: “ The Emergence of Behavioral Modernity: Middle to Upper Paleolithic Transition in the Eastern Balkans: Neanderthal-Modern Human Cultural Transactions.“