Components of FMNH’s Mollusk Collection

The name(s) of the collector(s) are followed by:

  • the year or period in which the material was received (in parentheses);
  • the number of series or specimens;
  • habitat(s) predominately  represented (L = land,  F = freshwater,  M = marine);
  • geographical  focus;
  • remarks (alcohol-preserved holdings noted if extensive or of exceptional importance).

Arnemann, George (1962); 13,350 series;  L; Hawaiian Islands.  Self-collected from late 1930's through 1950's.

Aslin, Fred & Jan, et. al. (1978-90); 1,670 series; L;  Australia. Collected for FMNH; voucher collections for Solem publications; includes alcohol-preserved material.

Beetle-Pillmore, Dorothy (1993); 4,800 series; L, F; mainly western USA.

Biese, Walter (1962); 5,000 series; L, F, M; Peru, Chile. Most self-collected; some exchanges with international workers; includes type material.

Billups, C. F. (1958); 5,700 series; L, F; eastern North America, Midwest.  Formed 1900-1920's.

Burch, Tom and Beatrice (1970); 2,060 series; L, F; western U.S., Central America, Europe, Cuba.

Button, Fred (1959); 15,000 series; L, F, M; worldwide.  Synoptic collection formed by three generations of collectors (ca. 1860 to mid-1930's). Includes specimens from J.G. Cooper (whose main collection was destroyed during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake); many previously unrecognized type specimens, including hundreds of paratypes of western American marine material.

Carpenter, Philip P. (1895);  4,450 series;  M (F, L); worldwide. A 'first duplicate' of his collection in the Redpath Museum of McGill University; contains some Mazatlan material ex Reigen.

Champe, Pamela C. (2008); ca. 6500 series (6959 specimens) of mostly marine shells; including the Walter Carpenter collection of cone shells (Conidae) with many photo vouchers for the Compendium of Seashells by R.T. Abbott and S.P. Dance.

Coppolino, Marla L. (2008); 2856 series (5536 specimens) of terrestrial gastropods from SW Illinois; voucher material for Coppolino’s MSc thesis (2009) Land snail abundance and diversity with associated ecological variables in six Southern Illinois counties.

Danckers, Ulrich (2008); 439 cowrie shells comprising a virtually complete representation of the Recent species in the family Cypraeidae.

Emberton, Kenneth (1979-83);  3,900 series;  L;  eastern North America. Emphasis on Polygyridae; voucher collection for Ph.D. dissertation; includes alcohol-preserved material.

Eyerdam, Walter J. (1961);  11,315 series;  L, F;  worldwide.  Most self-collected in Ecuador, Alaska, Solomon Islands and Siberia; other specimens obtained by exchange with collectors world-wide; includes type material.

Ferriss, James (1954);  3,000 series;  L;  USA .  Specimens from basic land snail studies in the Smoky and Ozark Mountains, and Arizona and New Mexico between early 1890’s to mid-1920’s that were co-authored by H. A. Pilsbry. Includes type material; much material received on exchange from other land snail workers.

Fisher, Charles (2006); 350 series (>132,500 specimens) of deep-sea invertebrates, mainly from hot vent environments.

Franzen, Dorothea (2004); 1,159 series of mollusks, mainly North American land and freshwater gastropods, with special emphasis on the family Succineidae (amber snails). D. Franzen worked and published extensively on the taxonomy of succineids. Includes large portion of alcohol-preserved material.

Goodfriend, Glenn A. (2007); ca. 3,000 series of Quaternary and Recent shells, mostly terrestrial; voucher material for Goodfriend’s research papers.

Goodwin, A. L. (1969);  3,768 series;  M;  worldwide.

Haas, Fritz, et. al.   (1947-56);  1,100 series;   Bermuda, Bahamas.  Includes alcohol-preserved material.

Hall, Elihu (1916);  1,550 series;  F, L;  North America. Emphasizes the western North American fauna from the mid-1800's.

Hand, E. E. (1956);  8,000 series;  F, L, M;  worldwide.  Collaborator with Ferriss; includes type material; some non-U.S. material, exchanges from later workers, some marine mollusks from western USA. Material dates primarily from 1925 to 1950.

Hubricht, Leslie (1990);  43,000+ series;  L, F;  eastern USA.  Self-collected 1929-1989; Detailed distributional data, collection dates and associated mollusk species, flora and evidence of faunal changes are documented with the collection; includes alcohol-preserved material.

Kessner, Vince, et. al. (1986-88);  5,565 series;  L;  Australia. Collected for FMNH; voucher collections for Solem publications; includes alcohol-preserved material.

Kohn, Alan J. (1999);  2,300 series, ca. 7,500 specimens;  M;  Indo-Pacific (worldwide). Comprehensive collection of the marine snail family Conidae; with both alcohol-preserved specimens and dry shells. Mostly self-collected from 1950’s through 1990’s at numerous localities.  Voucher material for A. Kohn’s scientific papers on taxonomy and biology of the Conidae.

Koto, Alfred S. & Adele (1974); 11,463 series;  L, F, M;  worldwide. Self-collected and extensive exchange material from 1930's through 1960's.

Laidlaw, F. F. (1958);  1,650 series;   SE Asia, Indonesia.  Specialist collection; includes type material of own taxa and from exchanges with many leading European workers.

Mizpah de Boe (1960);  1,193 series;  L;  Florida, Cuba.  Tree snails from 350 hammocks; collected in 1930's and early 1940's.

Nelson, Charles D. (1958);  30,000+ series;  L ,F, M;  worldwide. Includes the Frederick Stearns Japanese collection (about 15,000 series); the Kent Institute of Science collection (covering 1870-1910); massive exchange materials from collectors throughout the world; about 15,000 series self-collected material.

OberlinCollege(1999);  4,500 series;  M, L, F; worldwide. Historic collection, dating from the 19th century. Contains material from the E. Tappan (N. America, terrestrial) and the J.T. Gulick (Hawaiian Islands, terrestrial) collections.

Park, Orlando (1954);  8,000 specimens; worldwide. Containing some historic material such as marine shells collected by the U.S. Exploring Expedition.

Price, Laurie, et. al. (1962-75);  2,215 series;  L;  Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand. Collected for FMNH; voucher collections for Solem publications; includes alcohol-preserved material.

Riedel, Adolf (1978-90);  2,750 series;  L;  S.E. Europe, Turkey.  Collected for FMNH; includes alcohol-preserved material.

Sandford, Floyd (2005); Ca. 1,330 hermit crab sponges (Suberitidae), ca. 90 alcohol-preserved specimens, ca. 1,240 dried specimens; mostly from Florida, some from other world-wide localities; voucher material for scientific papers by F. Sandford.

Schilling, Frieda (1996); 9,718 series;  M, L, F;  North America, worldwide. Synoptic collection of worldwide mollusks. North American L and F material mainly self-collected; includes alcohol-preserved material.

Solem, A., et. al. (1965-89); 7,120 series;  L;   Australia, Pacific Islands, New Zealand.

Collected for FMNH; voucher collections for Solem publications; includes extensive alcohol-preserved material.

Solem, Alan (1958-59); 5,200 series;  L, F, M;  worldwide. Marine material through exchanges, with good Pacific coverage. North American material based on personal collections 1944-1956.

Stein, Albert (1907); 1,300 series;  L, F;  North America, Europe. 

Teskey, Margaret (1961); 1,646 series;  L, F;  eastern North America.  Mostly self-collected (1940-1960).

University of Utah (1974);  2,930 series;  L, F;  Utah.

Walsh, Gerald E. (2004); 2,141 self-collected lots (approximately 8,500 specimens) of land and freshwater gastropods from Arkansas, the voucher material of a 10-year survey of that state.

Walter, Harold J. (1991); 1,300 series;  L, F;  North America, West Africa.  Includes alcohol-preserved material.

Ward's Natural Science Establishment (1893); 2,947 series; worldwide.  Purchased after the Columbian Exposition; includes some glass models by Rudolf Blaschka, currently on public exhibit.

Webb, Walter F. (1942); 19,374 series;  L, F;  worldwide.  Includes the personal collection of G. K. Gude, author of more than 50 publications on land snails; the Quadras Philippine collection; and the results of extensive exchanges; includes type material.

Wegner, A. (1963-65); 1,840 series;  L, F;  Indonesia.  Collected for FMNH; includes alcohol-preserved material.

Welch, d'Alte (1971);  5,405 series;  L:  Cuba, Jamaica.  Field collections that form the basis of some publications, with locality maps.

Weyrauch, Wolfgang (1985);  2,407 series;  L;  South America.  Personal collection, mostly self-collected from 1940's through 1960's; includes type material.

Wiktor, A. (1979-89);  3,400 series;  L:  SE Europe, Spain.  Collected for FMNH; includes alcohol-preserved material.

Zetek, James (1957); 5,150 series; L, F; USA, West Indies, Panama.  Synoptic collection of North American, European and South American mollusks.