Council on Africa Events

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Council on Africa members participate in many exciting events throughout the year. Membership benefits include invitations to exclusive exhibition previews, personalized behind the scenes tours, and receptions featuring Field Museum scientists. See below for examples of past events and also for upcoming events.   Upcoming Events  
  • Tuesday, May 20th - The TEAM Network: A global monitoring network for tropical forests - Dr. Jorge A. Ahumada, Executive Director for TEAM, will provide an overview of this partnership between Conservational International, the Smithsonian Institution and the Wildlife Conservation Society. 
  Past Council on Africa Events  
  • Conserving Lions: Genetic, Landscape, and Economic Perspectives - Dr. Bruce Patterson shared facts he and his colleagues uncovered concerning the forces that are endangering lions and avenues that may help save them. 
  • Social Networks of Mobile Money in Kenya - Dr. Sibel Kusimba, Associate Professor of Anthropology, shared her team's research to understand the social relationships that are created and revealed in mobile money flows.
  • Africa: A Day In The Life - Council on Africa members, Rene' and Bruce Lauer, discussed a program they offer to U.S. students that provides an overview of the typical experiences of children their own age living in Africa.  
  • Gorillas, Guerillas, and Greenbuls: Studying Avian Diversification and Conservation in the African Lowland Rainforest - Dr. Ben Marks, Collections Manager of Birds, discussed recent studies of geographic variation in widespread birds inhabiting the west African and Congo Basin lowland rainforests that suggest we may be vastly underestimating diversity in the Afrotopics. 
  For more information about joining the Council on Africa or coming to an event please email us or call (312) 665-7137.