Danilo S. Balete Publication List

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1. Heaney, L.R., D.S. Balete, E.A. Rickart, P.A. Alviola, M.R.M. Duya,  M.V. Duya,  M.J. Veluz & S. Steppan. 2011. Seven new species and a new subgenus of forest mice (Rodentia: Muridae: Apomys) from Luzon Island.  Fieldiana: Life and Earth Sciences 2: 1–60.

2. Duya, M.R.M., M.V. Duya, P.A. Alviola, D.S. Balete & L.R. Heaney. 2011. Diversity of small mammals in montane and mossy forests on Mount Cetaceo, Cagayan Province, Luzon. Fieldiana: Life and Earth Sciences 2: 88–95.

3. Sedlock, J.L., R.R. Ingle & D.S. Balete. 2011. Enhanced sampling of bat assemblages: a field test on Mount Banahaw, Luzon. Fieldiana: Life and Earth Sciences 2: 96–102.

4. Balete, D.S., P.A. Alviola, M.R.M. Duya, M.V. Duya, L.R. Heaney & E.A. Rickart. 2011. The mammals of the Mingan Mountains, Luzon: Evidence for a new center of mammalian endemism. Fieldiana: Life and Earth Sciences 2: 75-87.

5. Barcelona, J.F., E.S. Fernando, D.L. Nickrent, D.S. Balete & P.B. Pelser. 2011. An amended description of Rafflesia leonardi and a revised key to Philippine Rafflesia (Rafflesiaceae).  Phytotaxa 24: 11–18.

6. E.A., D.S. Balete, R. J. Rowe & L.R. Heaney. 2011.  Mammals of the northern Philippines: tolerance for habitat disturbance and tolerance to invasive species in an endemic insular fauna.  Diversity and Distributions (2011): 1–12.

7. Rickart, E. A., L. R. Heaney, D. S. Balete & B. R. Tabaranza Jr. 2011.  Small mammal diversity along an elevational gradient in northern Luzon, Philippines. Mammalian Biology 76:12–21.

8. Balete, D. S., P. B. Pelser, D. L. Nickrent & J. F. Barcelona. 2010.  Rafflesia verrucosa (Rafflesiaceae), a new species of small-flowered Rafflesia from Mindanao, Philippines. Phytotaxa 10: 49–57. 

9. Brown, R.M., C.W. Linkem, A.C. Diesmos, D.S. Balete, M.V. Duya & J. Ferner. 2010.  Species boundaries in Philippine montane forest Sphenomorphus: three new species from the mountains of Luzon and clarification of the status of the poorly-known S. beyeri, and S. knollmanae and S. laterimaculatus.   Scientific Papers, Natural History Museum, University of Kansas 42:1–27.

10. Balete, D.S. 2010. Food and roosting habits of the lesser false vampire bat, Megaderma spasma, (Chiroptera: Megadermatidae) in a Philippine lowland forest. Asia Life Science, 4: 111–129.

11. Siler, C.D., D.S. Balete, A.C. Diesmos & R.M. Brown. 2010. A New legless loam-swimming lizard (Reptilia: Squamata: Scincidae: Genus Brachymeles) from the Bicol Peninsula, Luzon Island, Philippines.  Copeia 2010: 114–122.

12. Heaney, L.R., D.S. Balete, E.A. Rickart, M. J. Veluz & S. Jansa. 2009.  A new genus and species of small “tree mouse” (Rodentia, Muridae) related to the Philippine giant cloud rats.  Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, 331: 205– 229.

13. Barcelona, J.F., L.L. Co, D.S. Balete & N.A. Bartolome.  2009. Rafflesia aurantia (Rafflesiaceae): a new species from northern Luzon, Philippines. Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore, 61: 17–27.

14. Barcelona, J.F., P.B. Pelser, D.S. Balete & L.L. Co. 2009. Taxonomy, ecology, and conservation status of Philippine Rafflesia (Rafflesiaceae).  Blumea, 54: 77–93.

15. Balete, D.S., L.R. Heaney, M.J. Veluz & E.A. Rickart. 2009. Diversity patterns of small mammals in the Zambales Mts., Luzon, Philippines. Mammalian Biology, 74:456 – 466.

16. Danielsen, F., N.D. Burgess, A. Balmford, P.F. Donald, M. Funder, J.P.G. Jones, P. Alviola, D.S. Balete, T. Blomley, J. Brashares, B. Child, M. Enghoff, J. Fjeldså, S. Holt, H. Hübertz, A.E. Jensen, P.M. Jensen, J. Massao, M.M. Mendoza, Y. Ngaga, M.K. Poulsen, R. Rueda, M. Sam, T. Skielboe, G. Stuart-Hill, E. Topp-Jørgensen & D. Yonten. 2009. Local participation in natural resource monitoring: a characterization of approaches.  Conservation Biology, 23: 31 – 42.

17. Balete, D.S., L.R. Heaney, E.A. Rickart, R.S. Quidlat & J.C. Ibanez. 2008. A new species of Batomys (Muridae: Murinae) from eastern Mindanao Island, Philippines.  Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 121:411 – 428.

18. Balete, D.S., E.A. Rickart, R.G.B. Rosell-Ambal, S. Jansa & L. R. Heaney. 2007. Description of two new species of Rhynchomys Thomas (Rodentia: Muridae: Murinae) from Luzon Island, Philippines. Journal of Mammalogy, 88:287 – 301.

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21. Duya, M.R.M., P.A. Alviola, M.V. Duya, D.S. Balete & L.R. Heaney. 2007. Report on a survey of mammals of the Sierra Madre Range, Luzon Island, Philippines. Banwa, 4(1): 41-68.

22. Balete, D.S., R.S. Quidlat & J.C. Ibanez. 2006. Non-volant mammals of Mt. Hamiguitan, eastern Mindanao, Philippines. Banwa, 3(1 & 2):79 – 94.

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24. Heaney, L.R., B.R. Tabaranza Jr., E.A. Rickart, D.S. Balete & N.R. Ingle. 2006. The mammals of Mt. Kitanglad Nature Park, Mindanao, Philippines. Fieldiana: Zoology, new series, 112:1 – 63.

25. Balete, D.S., B.R. Tabaranza & L.R. Heaney. 2006.  An annotated checklist of the land birds of Camiguin Island, Philippines. In Heaney, L.R., ed. The mammals and birds of Camiguin Island, Philippines, a distinctive center of biodiversity. Fieldiana: Zoology, new series, 106:58 – 72.

26. Heaney, L.R., B.R. Tabaranza, Jr., D.S. Balete & N. Rigiertas. 2006. Synopsis and biogeography of mammals of Camiguin Island, Philippines. In Heaney, L.R., ed. The mammals and birds of Camiguin Island, Philippines, a distinctive center of biodiversity. Fieldiana: Zoology, new series, 106:28 – 48.

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30. Danielsen, F., M.M. Mendoza, A. Tagtag, P.A. Alviola, D.S. Balete, M. Enghoff, M.K. Poulsen and A.E. Jensen. 2003.  On participatory biodiversity monitoring and its applicability – a reply to Yoccoz et al.& Rodriguez. Oryx, 37:412.

31. Danielsen, F., D.S. Balete, M.K. Poulsen, M. Enghoff, C.M. Nozawa & A.E. Jensen. 2000. A simple system for monitoring biodiversity in protected areas of a developing country. Biodiversity Conservation, 9:1671 – 1705.