Department of Anthropology - Staff List

JP Brown
Regenstein Conservator for Pacific Anthropology

Laure Dussubieux
Manager, LA-ICP-MS Laboratory

Dr. Gary Feinman
Mesoamerican/Central American archeology and anthropology: ancient China, archaeological method and theory, social inequality, preindustrial cities and states, ancient economies

Alan Francisco
Head Registrar and Collections Coordinator

Dr. Jonathan Haas
North American anthropology: archaeology of the Americas, repatriation, anthropology exhibits, cultural complexity

Jamie Kelly
Collections Manager
Ethnographic and archaeological collections from North America, Asia, Europe and the Near East as well as arachaeological collections from Africa

Dr. Chap Kusimba
African archaeology and ethnology: hunter-gatherers, complex societies, history of technology, trade, traders, and globalization, Islam
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Dr. Robert D. Martin
Biological anthropology and primatology: phylogenetic reconstruction, allometric scaling, conservation biology

Ruth Norton
Chief Conservator

Dr. William A. Parkinson
European and Mediterranean archaeology: early village societies; the evolution of political and economic complexity

Christopher Philipp
Regenstein Collections Manager

Dr. James Phillips
North Africa and the Near East: human ecology and lithic technology through time

Jill Seagard
Scientific Illustrator

Dr. John Terrell
Regenstein Curator of Pacific Anthropology
Oceanic archaeology and ethnology

Dr. Patrick Ryan Williams
Archaeological science: Andean archaeology and anthropology, complex societies, GIS & remote sensing

Dr. Alaka Wali
North American anthropology