Department of Botany - Staff List

Dr. John Engel
Curator Emeritus

Dr. Sabine Huhndorf
Mycology: ascomycete fungi of North America and the Neotropics, wood inhabiting saprobes, systematics, biogeography

Dr. Robert Lücking
Collections Manager & Adjunct Curator
Lichenology: taxonomy and systematics, phylogeny and evolution, ecology and biogeography of tropical lichens

Dr. Thorsten Lumbsch
Lichenology: ascomycetes, molecular phylogeny, character evolution, secondary chemistry, biogeography, Australian and Antarctic lichens

Christine Nizgoda
Collections Manager

Dr. Richard Ree
Plant systematics, evolution, and biogeography, especially of the Sino-Himalaya/Hengduan Mountains; phylogenetic theory and comparative methods; biodiversity informatics and software development

Dr. Matthew von Konrat
Collections Manager & Adjunct Curator
Systematics of pteridophytes and bryophytes; plant ecology and biogeography, reproductive biology, morphology, ultrastructure, and the use of chemical markers