Department of Geology - Staff List

Dr. Kenneth D. Angielczyk
Fossil mammals: systematics, evolutionary morphology, and paleoecology of non-mammalian synapsids; end-Permian mass extinction; evolutionary morphology of the turtle shell; trophic network-based approaches to studying extinction in the fossil record

Dr. Ian Glasspool
Collection Manager
Evolution of fire systems in deep time, origins of coal-forming macerals, late Paleozoic paleobotany

Dr. Lance Grande
Fossil fishes: fishes; systematics, historical biogeography, paleontology, ontogeny; North America

Dr. Philipp R. Heck
Robert A. Pritzker Assistant Curator for Meteoritics and Polar Studies
Meteoritics and Polar Studies: meteorites, cosmochemistry, presolar history of meteoritic matter, presolar grains, history of the delivery of extraterrestrial matter to Earth, fossil meteorites and micrometeorites, impact craters, stardust comet sample return mission, astrobiology; internships for 2012 have been already filled

James Holstein
Collection Manager
Mineralogy and Meteorites: crystal structures, impact craters, presolar grains

Dr. Scott Lidgard
Fossil invertebrates: colonial invertebrates, flowering plants, paleoecology, diversification

Dr. Peter Makovicky
Dinosaurs: systematics, Mesozoic biogeography, bird origins; Asia, North America; not accepting additional interns in 2012

Dr. Olivier C. Rieppel
Rowe Family Curator of Evolutionary Biology
Fossil amphibians and reptiles: comparative anatomy, systematics, phylogenetics; China, North America

William F. Simpson
Collection Manager
Fossil Vertebrates,  accepting interns for collections related projects involving Fossil Fishes, Amphibians, Reptiles and Mammals