Department of Zoology - Staff List

Division of Birds

Dr. John Bates
Birds: biochemical systematics, conservation biology, biogeography

Dr. Shannon Hackett
Birds: biochemical systematics, biogeography; Neotropics

Dr. David Willard
Collections Manager Emeritus
Birds: community structure and migration

Mary Hennen
Collections Assistant
Birds: ecology, evolutionary biology, systematics; Chicago Peregrine Program

Division of Reptiles & Amphibians

Alan Resetar
Collection Manager
Herpetofauna of the Chicago area: distribution, ecology and conservation; systematics of African snakes

Division of Insects

James Boone
Collections Manager

Dr. Alfred F. Newton
Curator Emeritus
Beetles: biogeography, taxonomy, phylogeny; Australia, Neotropics, North America

Dr. Corrie S. Moreau
Ants: systematics, diversification, biogeography; Australia, Neotropics, North America

Dr. Petra Sierwald
Arachnida (especially spiders) & millipedes: systematics, biogeography, evolution of copulatory organs; Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia

Dr. Margaret K. Thayer
Beetles: systematics, historical biogeography, adult and larval morphology; south temperate zone and North America

Division of Invertebrates

Dr. Rüdiger Bieler
Gastropods, bivalves: systematics, comparative anatomy, biogeography

Dr. Jochen Gerber
Collections Manager
Terrestrial & freshwater mollusks: taxonomy, distribution, ecology; Europe, North Asia, and North America

Dr. Janet R. Voight
Deep-sea mollusks: taxonomy, systematics, morphology; evolutionary ecology of wood falls, North Pacific

Division of Mammals

Dr. Lawrence R. Heaney
Mammals: island biogeography, conservation biology, systematics; Philippines, Asia

Dr. Bruce D. Patterson
Mammals: biogeography, systematics, conservation biology; South America

William T. Stanley
Collections Manager
Mammals: natural history, biogeography, taxonomy, evolution; Africa (not accepting interns in 2012)