Donation & Gift Policy

The Field Museum Library welcomes gifts of books and other materials that enhance or develop the library collection. Due to the high cost of managing the donation process, the acceptance of gifts depends on the criteria listed below. The Field Museum Library has the right to reject donations when necessary or appropriate.

Many of the same standards of selection will be applied to gifts as are applicable for purchased material. Primary criteria includes:

  • Relevance to Field Museum collection & research needs
  • Timeliness
  • Appropriateness of content and format
  • Scholarly quality
  • Physical condition

Potential donors are asked to prepare a spreadsheet that contains the following information for the items he/she wishes to donate:

  • Books: author/editor, title, publisher, date
  • Journals: title, publisher, volume & dates of publication (when applicable)
  • Note: if you have a small number of items to donate (1-5 items), creating a spreadsheet is not necessary. But, we ask that you still send the bibliographic information to Christine Giannoni (cgiannoni at via email. Please do not drop off items without prior notification.

Assigned Field Museum Library staff will review and screen donated material using the standards stated above.

Donor will be responsible for:

  • Delivering materials to the Field Museum Library
  • Filling out a Deed of Gift form provided by the library

Library will be responsible for:

  • Preparing a Donation Letter
  • Completing the Deed of Gift form and returning it to the donor.

All donations become property of the Field Museum Library and the library retains the right to dispose of unneeded items in any way it sees fit (trade, sale, discard, donate). The Field Museum Library will not place a value on gifts for tax purposes.

Donors’ names are often entered into our local catalog records. Please inform library staff of your preference to acknowledge your gift or remain anonymous.