Dr. Shannon Martino's Work with The Field Museum European Prehistoric Collections

For the past 4 months Dr. Shannon Martino has been working with the European prehistoric collections in order to understand the potential that the objects might have for future research. As part of her efforts she has photographed, for the first time, all of the pottery and spindle whorls. 

These images, coupled with the more consistent terminology which she attempted to employ throughout the collections database will make the items more accessible for researchers, especially once the collections become searchable online.  She will also be producing a report which summarizes the European prehistoric pottery collections which come primarily from Switzerland, but also from: Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, England, and Hungary. Briefly, the total number of cataloged pottery in this collection, not including casts, comes to 279 and all of the these are generally dated between the Neolithic and Late Bronze Age.