Dr. Sirma Alexandrova's Work with The Field Museum Collection Helps the Advancement of Archaeology in Bulgaria

Dr. Sirma Alexandrova’s study of the collections in The Field Museum in Chicago began in the spring of 2013. In addition to the ceramics from Rome, she learned about the organization of the archaeological collections at the institution, the cataloging process of the objects, and the work being done with them by different museums and visiting scholars.


Dr. Alexandrova considers her involvement with The Field Museum archaeological collections and management system an opportunity to advance her organizational and managerial skills as a curator at the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria. 


Upon her return to permanent work in Bulgaria, Dr. Alexandrova is confident that she will be able to implement the experience she has gained at The Field Museum to provide for further advancement, research, and exhibition of the archaeological collections at the National Archaeological Institute with Museum in Sofia, and her experience will contribute to the enhancement of Bulgarian archaeology more broadly.