Journey to the past and learn how evolution shapes the natural world.

Numerous Ice Age mammal skeletons are mounted for display including a Mammoth and Irish Elk.

Follow the history of life on Earth

Introduce students of all grade levels to evolution, a key building block of science learning. Explore natural selection and adaptation through resources like family trees, 3D models, and a mock fossil dig site. Using inquiry-driven teaching methods and collection-based discovery, guide students as they trace the evolution of life on Earth.

Mission to the Mesozoic

Team up with a Field scientist to explore Earth millions of years ago. Together, you’ll identify and photograph different animals and plants in their prehistoric environments. 

Mission to the Mesozoic is a single-player game that takes about 30 minutes to complete. The game is best enjoyed on a desktop computer with a mouse.

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A composite image featuring animated stills from the game, Mission to the Mesozoic. The image contains three panes, each featuring various dinosaurs, mammals, and plants from the Cretaceous. A scientist appears in the third frame, smiling at the user with her hands on her hips.

N. W. Harris Learning Collection

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