The Early Elementary Science Partnership (E2SP) is a multi-year collaboration between institutions that share a transformative vision for early elementary science education. E2SP was founded in the principle that for effective science teaching to take place, schools need to establish comprehensive and capacity-building support systems. In leveraging the strengths that museums and universities can bring to a partnership with schools, E2SP provides the supports necessary for impactful science instruction both within individual classrooms and at a broader school-level.

In response to a study which found that Chicago-area students had the lowest science comprehension level of any urban school district, the pilot cohort of E2SP was launched in 2009. Five years later, the second cohort began in the fall of 2014. With the overarching goal to ignite children’s early passion for science and give them the skills necessary to succeed in later grade levels, both E2SP cohorts were designed to partner with schools through a suite of cohesive interventions including professional development, field trips, in-classroom instructional support, school-based collaboration, and school leadership development.

To learn more about the individual cohorts, please follow the links to the documents below:

E2SP Cohort 1

E2SP Cohort 1: Summative Evaluation Report

E2SP Cohort 2

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The second cohort of the Early Elementary Science Partnership is generously supported by the Canning Foundation and the Quest Foundation.