Four Early Elementary Science Partnership (E2SP) educators pose for a photo. One holds a sign that reads "Science at our school is exciting. Two others hold a magnifying glass and a glass case of butterflies. The other smiles while holding her hand lightly up to her face.


Our goals at the Field Museum are to inspire curiosity and provide authentic learning experiences—making us your ideal collaborators in engaging educators and students alike in exploring the natural world. 

The Early Elementary Science Partnership (E2SP) is a multi-year museum and school partnership that supports impactful science instruction. E2SP’s core principle is that museums and schools can work together to create the long-term, systemic change necessary for effective science teaching. E2SP aims to ignite children’s early passion for science and give them the skills necessary to succeed in later grades.  


85% of participating teachers Changed their teaching practice
92% of participating teachers Gained confidence in their teaching
86% of participating teachers Gained new content knowledge

E2SP schools advance science instruction by establishing a comprehensive and capacity-building system through these program elements:

  • School leadership development
  • School-based collaboration activities
  • Teacher professional development
  • In-classroom instructional coaching
  • Implementation of strategies to connect classroom learning to museum experiences

E2SP is a proven, highly effective program model for transforming science teaching. We’ll work together to help you build school-wide capacity to foster science instruction, now and into the future.  

“I feel confident to guide my students [in] ‘thinking like scientists.’ I have become more comfortable with the types of projects where the outcome is unknown as this is [what] real scientists do.”

Teacher, End-of-year survey

“E2SP has helped create a true professional learning community at school. Teachers have been supporting each other to identify the best teaching practice when teaching science.” 

Administrator, End-of-year survey

If you would like to learn more about the impact of E2SP, access the evaluation executive summaries from previous program cohorts:

Upcoming Program

The next iteration of E2SP is still in development.

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