Visit the WhyReef YouTube Channel or find us on TeacherTube for instructional videos on how to use WhyReef. You can also download the following WhyReef resources:

WhyReef Educator Guide (1.7 MB) WhyReef Coloring Book (7.8 MB)

WhyReef Kiosk Setup For information on how to set up a WhyReef kiosk at your institution, download the following document, which provides a brief summary of the activities on WhyReef as well as details on the technical requirements needed to run WhyReef in your classroom, library, or museum.

WhyReef Kiosk Setup (1 MB)

WhyReef is made possible with funding from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. WhyReef content provided by the Encyclopedia of Life. About Whyville
 Whyville.net is the premiere educational virtual world for children and has more than 4.5 million registered accounts. In Whyville, children play, socialize, earn and manage virtual money, explore, design, eat, start businesses, dance, write, vote, campaign, and much more. Numedeon, Inc., the parent company of Whyville, was founded by scientists from the California Institute of Technology. The result of combining research and practical experience in learning and education with expertise in simulation, gaming, and virtual world technology, Whyville is a unique platform for learning and engagement. Numedeon works with sponsors, like The Field Museum, to bring immersive learning experiences to the important but hard to reach 8- to 15-year-old “tween” demographic within the virtual world of Whyville.

 About Encyclopedia of Life
 Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) is an unprecedented partnership between the scientific community and the general public to make freely available to anyone, anywhere, anytime—through the Internet—all existing knowledge about the world’s known biodiversity. EOL strives to make people more aware of the living planet through its thousands of species pages that include text, images, maps, and videos. Exploring the underwater world through new media platforms like WhyReef is a terrific way to introduce children and families to a vital part of our planet’s ecosystem teeming with fascinating creatures and important environmental relationships.

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