State of Water: Our Most Valuable Resource

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Included with Basic admission

Closes Jan 12, 2020

All ages


Included with Basic admission

Closes Jan 12, 2020

All ages

See the hidden systems that bring water from tunnel to tap. 

Through a series of striking images, award-winning photographer Brad Temkin explores water purification and reclamation systems in cities across the US. These complex and colossal structures are mostly invisible as we go about our daily lives, yet they deliver a constant stream of water to homes and protect cities from floods. 

Contemplate the unexpected beauty in the architecture of water treatment facilities, and consider the importance of clean water.

The exhibition is presented in both English and Spanish. La exhibición está presentada en inglés y español.

View from inside a large tunnel, looking out its circular opening in the distance. A shallow puddle runs the length of the tunnel.

West Bull Nose, a photo Temkin captured in 2016, shows one exit of Chicago’s Deep Tunnel. The system includes 109 miles of tunnels designed to divert sewage from Lake Michigan and protect the city from floods.

© Brad Temkin

Follow the flow of water

Immerse yourself in 31 large-scale photographs, including several that depict Temkin’s hometown of Chicago. The images not only draw you in with abstract, geometric designs, but they also put a lens on water as an essential resource that we all must work to conserve. 

We have a lot of daily interactions with water, but most people know so little about the full cycle.

Dr. Katherine Moore Powell, climate change ecologist