Helpful Guide for Your Spring Break Visit!

With everything from a towering T. rex to tiny beetles, deciding what to see first during your visit can be a dilemma for even the most seasoned visitor. Make the most of your visit by following our helpful guide to ensure you see everything you want to see:

The night before your visit – Avoid “sell outs” at the counter! Purchase your timed-entry tickets to special exhibition and 3D films in advance by purchasing them online or by calling (312) 665-7400. You can also create your own personalized tour in advance with our mobile app.

9:00am – Come face-to-face with SUE, the world’s largest and most famous T. rex, and the two fighting bull elephants that keep watch over the iconic Stanley Field Hall.

9:30am – Check out the new interactive exhibition The Machine Inside: Biomechanics where you can try your hand at “flying” by flapping different wing shapes, feel how hard a giraffe’s heart works to pump blood, and test out a thermal camera to see how much heat your body holds.

11:00am – Stop by the Pritzker Laboratory for a special talk-to-the-scientist hour every weekday at 11:00am and hear more about the current cutting-edge DNA research they are conducting.

11:30am - Even the littlest explorers have their own place at The Field. Dig in, dress up, explore, and grow in the the Crown Family PlayLab.

12:30pm – Head to The Field Bistro, right off of Stanley Field Hall, for everything from easy to grab small plates and freshly assembled salads to build-your-own panini and burgers and specialty dishes from around the world.

1:30pm – For a thrilling 3D experience, choose from a variety of films that the whole family will enjoy in the EY 3D Theater.

2:00pm – Examine floor-to-ceiling hieroglyphs, descend into a three-story Egyptian tomb, and explore an ancient marketplace filled with ceramics, jewelry, and games in Inside Ancient Egypt.

2:45pm – Witness the amazing story behind Africa’s notorious man-eating lions of Tsavo.

3:30pm – Finish off your visit when you travel back in time to experience the excitement of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, a glittering showcase of architecture, culture, technology, and peoples from around the world.

This is just a sample itinerary to help you plan what to see - be sure to check for specific exhibition and 3D movie entry times when you book your tickets. Times indicated may not be available.