Tailor your learning experiences through the Field Encounters program.

A group of four people stand and talk in a lab. They're gathered around a table that displays several fossil specimens. Cabinets, a ventilation duct, and door are visible in the background.

Discovery Circle Supporters stay in-the-know with access to experiences that dive deep into the research at the Field Museum. Depending on your level of support, choose up to three Field Encounters events.

  • Give $250–$499 and attend one talk
  • Give $500–$999 and attend two talks
  • Give $1,000– $2,499 and attend two talks and a behind-the-scenes tour

What are you curious about?

Talks cover three topic areas: creatures and the environment, exhibitions and public learning, and human sciences. We host several concurrent talks in symposium-style events throughout the year. Donors attending the behind-the-scenes tour can step into our collections alongside our scientists.

Contact Us

For more information about the Field Encounters program contact Matt Harmon by calling 312.665.7789 or emailing mharmon@fieldmuseum.org.