An exclusive opportunity for Discovery Circle members to experience the Museum scientists’ in-depth research of global culture.

A man and child gaze through a CT scanner’s circular opening to view a replica mummy lying on a white table inside the machine.

The Human Sciences track offers an inside look at how anthropologists and social scientists study human evolution and diversity in cultures around the world.

Lean into your curiosity about global cultures. Expand your knowledge about our place in nature, what makes us human, and what we share with other cultures—as well as what makes us different. Attend up to three Field Encounters event every year to get a firsthand look at our researchers’ fieldwork and collections-based research.

To join the Field Encounters program or questions about the Human Sciences track, contact Halley Watts at 312.665.7789 or​​.

Museum researchers work with items as part of their collections-based anthropological research.

On the Human Sciences track, Field Encounters members hear from our scientists about our anthropology collections. 

Kyle Flubacker