Three elephants walk across a grassy plain. Trees and shrubs are visible in the background.

Our scientists have been traveling the world for more than a century for research, conservation, and fieldwork. 

For those who share our passion for discovery, our tours program offers an opportunity to experience the excitement of exploring remote corners of the world. Join Field Museum curators, lecturers, and fellow travelers on unforgettable journeys across the globe that are as educational and enriching as they are luxurious. 

Tanzania safari

Join Field Museum scientists Dr. Adam Ferguson and Dr. Molly McDonough on an extraordinary safari through Tanzania from July 24–August 6, 2020. 

Experience African wildlife at its finest on this unique journey. On your visit to the Serengeti, wonder at the dramatic wildlife, including wildebeest and elephants, as they migrate across the Mara River. From luxury tented camps to four-wheel drive vehicles with large roof hatches, every aspect of the trip ensures you’ll be surrounded by the wildlife, beauty, and diversity of this African terrain.

Gain insights from our collections and hear more about the Museum’s active research program from Dr. Ferguson and Dr. McDonough—when you travel with the Field Museum, get a unique perspective on the many facets of life in the Serengeti. 

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