Man Eaters at the Field Museum

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To better understand modern human-wildlife relationships and to help guide public policies for conservation and development, The Field Museum and the Kenya Wildlife Service have joined forces through the Tsavo Research Program. The Tsavo Research Program pursues research, disseminates information, and offers professional training on fundamental issues involving Africa's wildlife and people.

Four Field Museum staff members are conducting a variety of research in Tsavo, Kenya. Their individual research areas cover a broad spectrum, and projects include an excavation of the Man-Eaters' den; ecological studies on the area where the Tsavo lions roam; genetic studies on the different kinds of lions roaming the Tsavo region; forensic evidence for man-eating by the Tsavo and Mfuwe man-eaters, by comparing dental trauma and associated pathologies in free-living lions and marauders; archaeological investigations of economy and trade in Tsavo; stable-isotope studies on the numbers of people that the man-eaters actually consumed.