Meteorite Digitization Project


Digitization of a research and educational meteorite collection is an important part of collection management. It allows specimens to be examined remotely by researchers before a loan request is submitted. Benefits include the reduced handling of fragile specimens, and preserving a record of the appearance of a meteorite before cutting. The resulting macroscopic visual representations will also increase the visibility of our collection. The pilot project started in the summer of 2011.

(Carbonaceous chondrite CV3)

(Enstatite chondrite EL6)

Camel Donga

Canyon Diablo
(Iron; IAB)


Gebel Kamil
(Iron; ungrouped)

(Stony-iron; pallasite)

Peña Blanca Spring

(Ordinary chondrite H5)

Digitization Team:

  • Elizabeth Pelker, Intern
  • Samuel Simon, Intern
  • James L. Holstein, Collections Manager
  • Philipp R. Heck, Robert A. Pritzker Assistant Curator for Meteoritics and Polar Studies

We thank Federico Pardo for help with image processing, and Mike Niezgoda for content research. The Robert A. Pritzker Center for Meteoritics and Polar Studies was established with funding from the Tawani Foundation.

Images/animations: © 2011 The Field Museum.