MYCONET publishes a continuously updated "Outline of Ascomycota" and "Notes on ascomycete systematics", informing on new concepts that may necessitate changes in the Outline. Files devoted to the classification of other groups of fungi may be published in the future. More information on the journal MYCONET here.  Myconet 14 was published on December 27, 2010 with a new Outline and a new set of Notes.  The present classification is based in part on earlier versions published in Systema Ascomycetum and Myconet. It includes all accepted genera and higher taxa of Ascomycota. New synonymous generic names are included in the outline. In future outlines attempts will be made to incorporate all synonymous generic names (for a list of synonymous generic names, see Eriksson & Hawksworth 1998).

A question mark (?) indicates that the position of the taxon is uncertain.  View the latest volume of Myconet at