New species of Barbet discovered in Peru

In the July issue of The Auk, Bird Division and University of Chicago (Committee on Evolutionary Biology) graduate student Ben Winger, Research Scientist Jason Weckstein, and colleagues describe a striking new species of bird, the Sirá Barbet (Capito fitzpatricki) from the eastern Andes of Northern Peru.  The bird was found on an expedition Ben and several colleagu

Surveys in Sulwesi mountains uncover new genus and species of rat

In the journal Biology Letters Field Museum Research Associate and Post-doctoral Fellow Jake Esselstyn and colleagues have published a description of a fascinating new genus and species of rat, Paucidentomys vermidax, from their survey work on Mount Latimojong and Mount Gandangdewata on Sulawesi Indonesia.  The new mammal is called a shrew-rat because although is a rat, it is related to similar “shrew-rats” from the

Southern Amazonian birds and their symbionts

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Principal Investigators Jason Weckstein and John Bates of the Field Museum, Vasyl Tkach of the University of North Dakota, Alexandre Aleixo of the Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi and several other parasitologists from the USA, Brazil, Bulgaria, and Ukraine have been funded by the National Science Foundation's Biodiversity and Discovery and Analysis Program (DEB-01120054 and DEB-1120734) to conduct colla

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