AOU/COS 2013 Abstract Submission Form

DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACTS: 3 May 2013 at noon CDT (papers); 10 May 2013 at noon CDT (posters)

Corresponding author's mailing address; this information will be used as backup to email acknowledgment and notification.
List of all authors (last name, initials); this information is used to create the author index (e.g., Audubon, J J; Peterson, R T; Wilson, A).
Please select a subject. If you are unable to define your topic, please select "other" and make notes in the comments.
Lecture presentation limited to 15 min which includes questions and technical difficulties. Posters should not exceed 114 cm wide by 115 cm height.
Special requests regarding scheduling (e.g., please schedule on Friday or Saturday) or special equipment needs. It is assumed that presentations will be made using PowerPoint.
This short title and short author list will be used for program spreadsheet; full title will be used for Abstract Book and in final published proceedings.
Use format "A B JONES" (1 author), "A B JONES and C D SMITH" (2 authors) or "A B JONES et al." (3 or more authors).
Example (title and text): Testing experimental nest boxes. PETER E. LOWTHER, GAIL E. LOWTHER, Field Mus., Chicago, IL, and JOHN L. LOWTHER, Dept. Computer Sci., Michigan Tech. Univ., Houghton, MI. Several nest box designs for House Sparrows were tested. Experimental boxes (with entrance holes) were used at much higher frequency than control boxes (without). This difference supports the hypothesis (Lowther 1999, Auk 103: 23-45) that ...... (limit to about 250 words).