Australian Collection


The Australian collection, numbering over 2,200 objects, includes stone tools, boomerangs, shields, clubs, spears, spear throwers, ornaments, and ceremonial objects.  While the first objects in the collection were received from the W.C.E. Commission of New South Wales, A.W.F. Fuller contributed the largest segment from this continent; 699 items.  Other notable additions include 474 objects received from the University of Melbourne in 1911 and over 500 objects received from J.F. Connelly in 1928.

Image above: Wooden boomerang painted with white stripes.  Broome, Western Australia.  Catalog Number 1070.35796. © The Field Museum, A110460.


Image above and collection thumbnail: “Bullroarer Design with Snake’s Head” - Painting on eucalyptus bark by Madigan (artist) of the Maringar Tribe with design of concentric circles, dots, stripes and black snake’s head at the top on a plain background.  Port Keats Region, Northern Territory, Australia.  Gift of Louis A. Allen.  Catalog Number 3331.268332. © The Field Museum, A113399c, Photographer John Weinstein.