Mollusk Collection



At present the Division of Invertebrates, which began in 1938 with a collection of 16,000 lots, manages more than 328,000 cataloged mollusk lots, with approximately 4.5 million specimens. Our molluscan collection now ranks among the top three or four in North America.

We have completed retrospective data entry for our holdings of pulmonate terrestrial gastropods, the Leslie Hubricht Collection, the marine gastropod family Conidae (including the Alan J. Kohn Collection), the cephalopods and the hydrothermal vent invertebrates. All other taxa in the database have been added as parts of various ongoing data capture projects and therefore should not be considered complete representations of our holdings.

Other groups will be added as our database projects progress. Please note that work on our type collection is not completed; information on type status and type holdings for the above families is not yet fully available.