Presently, the Taxonomy module holds a complete classification for higher fungi and lichens (Ascomycota, Basidiomycota), liverworts (Marchantiphyta), and hornworts (Anthocerophyta), from genus up to division/phylum level, and a partial classification for mosses (Bryophyta), ferns and their relatives (Pteridophyta), and seed plants (Spermatophyta), up to family level. Records for ferns and their relatives and seed plants are specific to our present Catalogue data, while records for higher fungi and lichens, liverworts, hornworts, and mosses, contain all presently accepted genus names and their classification. In addition, records for Basidiomycota contain all published genus names and their current synonym status.

You can search the database for particular taxa and retrieve data on their nomenclature, synonymy, classification, and common names, or you can search for a higher taxon and obtain a list of all taxa included in it to a specified level. You can also search other fields, such as Common Name, to obtain the scientific name for a plant or fungus. Specific groups that can be searched for in the database also include Foliicolous Lichens (Fungi), Thelotremataceae (Fungi), and Frullania (Marchantiophyta).