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Armour Seminar: Dr. Rebecca Tonietto

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Dec 8 12:00PM CST - 1:00PM CST See more dates




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Our featured guest speaker presents, "Designing pollinator conservation programs with community partners: The Porch Project in Flint, Michigan."

A group of people gather in a room, seated, to listen to a lecture. The speaker stands behind a podium with images projected on the wall behind them.

Though historically overlooked, cities and urbanized areas have recently been highlighted as areas with great potential for pollinator conservation. In order for pollinator conservation programs to be successful and sustainable, it is important to understand community priorities, and the unique barriers and benefits to implementing pollinator conservation strategies. In this seminar, Dr. Rebecca Tonietto will discuss previous work with community partners and academic collaborators in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, and Flint, highlighting different approaches, successes, and lessons learned.

The A. Watson Armour III Seminar Series is a weekly seminar highlighting the research of science professionals across a broad spectrum of scientific interests, disciplines, and lived experiences. This series connects the Field Museum’s research, collections, conservation, and associated community with professionals at the forefront of life, geophysical, and social sciences. Lectures are open to the public and regularly highlight or complement research conducted by Field Museum staff and affiliates.

All seminars are currently taking place virtually via Zoom and are free to attend with advance registration.