Left: A mounted T. rex skeleton inside a museum gallery. Right: A long-necked titanosaur skeleton in a large classical hall.

Dino Fest

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6/10, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM CDT


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About this event

Don't miss the official party to celebrate the arrival of the Spinosaurus, the newest dinosaur at the Field!

Dino Fest is the official start of summer at the Field Museum, not only to welcome our newest dinosaur friend hailing all the way from the Cretaceous but also to celebrate SUE the T. rex, Máximo the Titanosaur, and all the other dinos that make the Field so special.  The event will feature dinosaur trivia games, a poetry station, a book fair, and presentations from the Field’s dinosaur curator Jingmai O’Connor, PhD, and paleoartist Ted Rechlin as they share fun facts and explore who would win in a fight between Spinosaurus and T. rex.

And don't forget to wear your best dino gear -- costumes encouraged!

Activities Schedule

All About the Spinosaurus + Dino Fight Night

Paleontologist Jingmai O’Connor, PhD, the Field’s Curator of Fossil Reptiles and paleo-artist Ted Rechlin will introduce us to the Field’s newest dinosaur, the Spinosaurus! Plus, make sure you join us for a clash for the crown with our Dino Fight Night* event!

*Scientific discussion; no dinosaurs will actually be fighting in Stanley Field Hall

Giving Day Table

Stop by and learn how you can help make Science Happen Here!

Prehistoric Scavenger Hunt

See our prehistoric world brought to life like never before through a partnership with AppleTV+ and Prehistoric Planet 2. Grab a guide at the info desk with clues to seek out five real specimens featured in the show.

Holotype Brachiosaurus

Discovered by the Field Museum's first paleontologist Elmer Riggs, Brachiosaurus altithorax continues to be one of the most rare and elusive long-necked dinosaur fossils. The Field Museum’s specimen is still the most complete example of Brachiosaurus ever found, and is the holotype - the fossil that defines the species. In this Grainger Science Hub exhibit, visitors can examine one of the caudal vertebrae fossils that helped to support the tail of this massive dinosaur.

Dino, Di-NOT

Join us for a hands-on activity "Dino, Di-NOT", and a Fact or Fiction activity surrounding Spinosaurus and dinosaurs in general (includes various models, casts, fossils)

Poetry pop-up

Do dinosaurs inspire you? Find out at this poetry pop-up with the Field’s poet-in-residence Eric Elshtain and his trusty typewriter.

Fossils at the Field

See and touch fossils older than the dinosaurs from our behind-the-scenes collections!

Norm the T. rex

Interact with Norm, a full size fiberglass reproduction of a the Wankel Tyrannosaurus rex's skull from the Harris Learning Collection.