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Field Explorers Summer Camps Grades 2-3

About this recurring event

Campers will explore and investigate the secrets behind animal behaviors or fossils from the past.

Two students looking on as one holds up a notebook, while an adult, seated at a table with a museum specimen, observes.

These one- or two-week camps uncover particular animal behaviors and encourage children to ask questions about how animals live. Whether moving through the land, the water, or the air, animals have surprising ways of interacting with their environment today and in the past. Campers will use the Field’s collection and exhibitions to help to identify details, test their hypotheses, and practice ways of investigating new ideas, all with the help of Field Museum experts.

The grade band for each camp refers to the grade a camper will be entering in the fall. Themes to choose from for grades 2–3 are Puzzles from Prehistoric Worlds, Biomechanics of Flight, Jurassic Oceans, and Wild Color.

One- and two-week sessions run Monday–Friday, 9am–3pm. Aftercare is available until 5pm for an additional $125, and space is limited.

Scholarship applications have closed for 2022 summer camps.

COVID safety requirements

All attendees five years of age or older will be required to show valid proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Valid proof of vaccination consists of one of the following: vaccination card, photocopy of vaccination card, digital record or app, or printed record from vaccine provider. Face masks must be worn throughout the duration of camps, except when eating or drinking.

When you register for camp, you’ll be required to sign an agreement to adhere to the Field Museum’s COVID-19 Attendance Policy.

Find the perfect camp option

Date     Theme One week Two weeks
    June 13–17 CLOSED Jurassic Oceans (2-3) $500 per camper, $450 members --
    June 20–July 1 CLOSED Puzzles from Prehistoric Worlds -- $900 per camper, $800 members
    June 27–July 1 CLOSED Biomechanics of Flight $500 per camper, $450 members --
    July 11–15 CLOSED Wild Color (2-3) $500 per camper, $450 members --
    July 18–22 CLOSED Jurassic Oceans (2-3) $500 per camper, $450 members --
    August 1–12  CLOSED Puzzles from Prehistoric Worlds -- $900 per camper, $800 members
    August 8–12 SOLD OUT  Jurassic Oceans (2-3) $500 per camper, $450 members --
    August 15–19 SOLD OUT Wild Color (2-3) $500 per camper, $450 members --


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Field Explorers Camps FAQ

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