A pinned cicada, mounted on a white board. Several other specimens and some text are also seen.

The Magicicada: Catalyzing Classroom Inquiry

Event summary


6/27, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM CDT


About this event

The rare emergence of two periodical cicada broods provides robust opportunities for inquiry now and far into the future. 

The simultaneous emergence of two magicicada (periodical cicada) broods is exactly what it sounds like! A momentous occasion that provides robust opportunities for inquiry now and far into the future. 

We’ll begin our time together using artifacts to  explore how cultures both ancient and modern interpet periodical cicada emergences. We will then deep dive into cicada content  with insect collections assistant Jim Louderman. We’ll explore everything from cicada sounds to  emergence maps, and he’ll showcase other live insects worthy of classroom study. We’ll then pin cicadas collected during the emergence, and each educator will leave with a specimen for future observation. 

Finally, we’ll spend time in exhibitions, where cicada connections abound!

Target Grade Bands: This professional learning is appropriate for a wide range of grade levels.

Ticket includes parking, boxed lunch, pinned cicadas, and additional resources.

Accessibility: Our goal is to make all programming financially accessible without asking participants to individually request assistance. Please use the promo code MAGIC to receive 40% off the full ticket price if assistance makes it possible for you to attend this event.