Our Impact

Since 2006, The Council on Africa has contributed a total of $380,000 to 66 capacity building projects in 8 African countries (Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Mozambique, South Africa, and the Democratic Republic of Congo) and Madagascar.

The Council on Africa funds a broad range of projects from scientists training to seed funding of research and conservation efforts. See below for examples of each type of project funded by the Council on Africa.

Scientist training

  • Two Malawian museum professionals came to The Field Museum as a result of a Council on Africa funded project lead by Dank Brinkmeier, to be trained in specimen preparation, museum interpretation, and exhibit production techniques. This training was the first step leading to the development of a planned new natural history museum in Malawi.


  • Norbert Cordeiro, a Postdoctoral fellow from the Botany Department at The Field Museum explored if trees change sex in order to counter barriers against reproduction due to deforestation in the East Usambara Mountains in Tanzania.

Expanding Scientific Knowledge

  • Council on Africa funding made it possible for Field Museum scientists John Bates, Julian Kerbis, and Tom Gnoske to conduct inventories of small mammals and birds of Gorongosa National Park, an exciting extension of ongoing long-term survey work across montane Africa.

Seed Funding

  •  Bill Stanley and Julian Kerbis' longtime field work surveying small mammals in Tanzania and the Albertine Rift lead to a National Science Foundation grant of $500,000, which would not have been possible without the Council on Africa's contribution to the project that enabled its beginning. This 3-year project will investigate the diversity, relationships, and biogeography in one of the most species-rich and least-studied mammalian clades—the Crocidurinae, a subfamily of Old World shrews.

For more information about the types of projects funded by the Council on Africa please contact us by email or call (312) 665-7137.