Scavenger Hunts Drive your curiosity with themed scavenger hunts. A completely customized experience, groups of all sizes can travel throughout the museum searching for clues within The Field Museum’s permanent collections. Designed to be a wonderful teambuilding activity, they are both interactive and easy to facilitate.
Private Exhibition Viewings (Evenings) The Field Museum hosts many temporary exhibitions. Event clients have the option to offer their guests a unique, private viewing of these exhibitions during their event based on availability and at an additional fee.
Group Tickets to temporary exhibitions (Daytime) The Field Museum offers discounts on temporary exhibition tickets to groups of 15 or more guests.  Usually timed on the half-hour, this options allows your guests to view the exhibition during daytime hours and take a break from the grind of meeting sessions!
Customized Docent Presentations Take a journey with a Field Museum Educational expert. Customized Tours are available by trained staff to educate guests on the museum’s architecture, permanent collections, history, and more. Learn unique facts and walk away with a full museum experience.
Field Museum Scientist Presentations The Field Museum has over 200 scientists working on projects in 94 countries around the world.  We will work with you to customize a presentation based on the Museum’s collections and your interests.

Contact us with any questions about these enhancements!